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O’Linga Rejuvenating 3D Firming Mask Q&A
Q1. Why are there some granules on the mask?
A: O’Linga rejuvenating 3D firming mask is made of medical grade silicone and activated mineral ceramics. The activated ceramics were mixed by different ratio of natural minerals, and different minerals are with different colors

Q2.How long should I wear O'Linga Rejuvenating Firming 3D Mask?
A: It is suggested that you wear the mask for at least 20 minutes every day. Different from traditional masks, O’Linga Rejuvenating Firming 3D Mask can bring better effect if you put it on your face longer.
One week later: Your skin becomes firm and looks brighter.
Three weeks later: Darkness and spots on your face are improved.

Q3. Can I use O’Linga Mask every day?
A: Yes, to accelerate the absorptive effect of the product, as long as there is no discomfort, you can put on the mask every day or use it many times a day.

Q4. Is it normal to feel stuffy and sweat when using O’Linga Mask?
A: This is a normal phenomenon. The product has far infrared, so it can accelerate metabolism, activate cells and speed up absorptive effect. In addition, it can help remove and metabolize sediments in your pores.
Q5. Is it normal if I do not perspire when using O’Linga Mask?

A: Based on individual constitutions and environment, it is normal if you do not sweat in winter or in an air-conditioned room (If you feel stuffy when using the mask in summer, you can seal the mask and place it in a refrigerator for 15 minutes before using it to make yourself feel cool and comfortable.).
Q6. Do I have to wash my face after using O’Linga Mask? 
A: It is suggested that you wash your face with water.
Q7. Do I need to use special detergent to clean O’Linga Mask?
A: No. You can wash it with water and leave it dry. You can also rub it with neutral and mild facial soap and facial cleanser, wash it with water and dry it. 
In addition, it is not suggested to wash the mask with acid or alkaline facial soap to avoid remnant substances on the mask affecting its effect.

Q8. How can I keep O’Linga Mask?
A: After using it and cleaning it with water, place it in a bright and ventilated place, but do not expose it to strong sunlight. When you travel, after washing and drying it, you can put it in the storage box that comes with the mask.

Q9. How long can I reuse a piece of O’Linga Mask? How often should I replace it?
A: If O’Linga Mask is properly kept, you can use it for one year. However, the elasticity of latex in the mask would decrease as well as the emissivity of far infrared. Therefore, it is suggested that you replace the mask every six to eight months to enjoy its best effect.