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This Is a Mask That Meets 92% of User Satisfaction

----榮獲FG 評鑑特優商品-----超時空光導臉膜---

The Clinical Studies of O’Linga Rejuvenating Firming 3D Mask

超時空光導臉膜  導入滲透力 NO.1

只要14天肌膚立即有感  彈性 UP  保濕 UP  喚白 UP

4種 超時光導臉膜 使用方法

TOP 6 Features

Clinical proven result                                 Patented utility & 3D design

Non-electricity needed                              Hypoallergenic

Reusable                                                      Well-covered



Lifting face                                                   Locking moisture

Lightening skin tone                                  Increasing skin care absorption

Activating collagen production                Improving blood circulation


Smoothing skin texture                            Removing fine wrinkles.