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Core Technology

Exclusive Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) Micro particles

Our FIR ceramics emits 8-12μm electromagnetic wave which is known for being beneficial to human body. According to numerous researches, it is proven that it can boost the production of skin collagen, effectively sooth neuron system, as well as increase blood circulation.


We All Need a Perfect Enhancer like This

For most of the time, we only use our hands to apply skin care products (e.g. serum, jelly, lotion, etc.), but according to some clinical studies, our skin cells can only absorb a little bit amount of the nutritious ingredients. Therefore, the goal of this product is to be a perfect enhancer, help stimulate the absorption of your own skin care product. With our innovative far infrared (FIR) technology, our 3D mask will definitely give all females a chance to enjoy an easier and more effective skin care experience.